A meal in Chinese culture is 'harmony in contrast' which stems from the principle of Yin and the Yang. This reflects by way of combining contrasting flavors such as sweet with bitter, sour with sweet, sweet and spicy and so on. The same goes for the combination of colors and textures of the ingredients used in the cuisine. The Chinese cuisine has adopted a modified version in the name of Indo Chinese cuisine. Soups like Manchow soup and sweet corn soup, again available in vegetarian and meat form, are commonly available, as starters such as chicken lollipops, spring rolls and wontons. Staple base options for an Indian Chinese meal include chicken, shrimp or vegetable variants of Hakka or Szechwan/Sichuan noodles, popularly referred to as chow mein; and regular or Fried Noodles, Szechwan/Sichuan fried rice. Chicken Manchurian, American chop suey and sweet and sour dishes can be found in this cuisine.